The Throne Room at Knossos by Anna and Anni

The Outside of the Throne Room
By dekoning_peter

The throne room at Knossos had many drawings on the wall and a big stone bowl in the middle of the room.You could get into the throne room by two double doors. The throne room was used for King Minos to hold meetings in and for important religious rituals. The throne room was rebuilt by Sir Arthur Evans around 1900 A.D, and the original throne room was built in 1700 B.C.Two griffins were on either side of the throne. The griffins were also found on seal rings. Today you can go and visit the throne room at Crete!

Here is some information on the throne room at Knossos.

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Web Archive

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Now that you have learned about the Throne Room you can do an activity. What you have to do is basically design your very own throne room. You can either draw a map, describe it or draw it form a certain angle. If you decide to do this activity be creative.


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