Daily Life in Ancient Crete by Eli and Hayley

Here is our page about the Daily Life in Ancient Crete. Have you ever thought about the similarities between their lives and ours? We hope this page will help you learn about their lives.

This is our Power Point that will help you answer some of our questions below...

This picture is from FlickrCC and is by pyramis
It is a picture of a famous ancient Greek painting and is of bull leaping, which used to be a very popular sport.

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Here is some informational reading...

The Minoans were an ancient civilization that lived on Crete. They played games, drank wine and did a lot of other things that you would expect ancient Greeks to do. One thing that they did was Bull Leaping (see the picture towards the top of the page). Bull Leaping was and still is, a not very commonly known sport. The point of it is to grab a bull by its horns and when it bucks, the leaper would flip over the bull and land on the other side. For more information, see the page on Bull Leaping.
The Minoans also did a lot of artwork. They painted Frescoes, made pottery, and made sculptures. On our wiki page we show two examples of their artwork, a bull leaping painting and a piece of pottery. In the paintings and pottery that they made the same basic colors were always used. The colors were different shades of browns, blues, reds, and oranges. That is some things about Minoan arts.
The foods of the Minoans consisted of grapes, meats, olives, wine, breads, and vegetables. Our Power Point shows some of the foods that they eat. The Minoans did eat three meals a day just like we do. Their foods are also similar to ours. In our everyday meals we eat meats, vegetables, and fruits just like they did. One of the pictures below shows a picture of olives. Olives were/are a very popular food in Greece.

Here is a great website to read about the Minoans...Minoan Crete

This is an interesting video on the MInoans...

After watching our Power Point see if you can answer these questions...

1. What foods did they eat?
external image 1604074268_5ca9257c7e_m.jpg
This Picture is by: Darwin Bell
This picture is of olives. Olives were/are eaten in ancient Greece and modern Greece.

2. What type of clothing did they wear?

3. What were/are some important history dates?

external image 4659119209_968ca7e8a6_m.jpg
This picture is by: vintagedept
This is a picture of a minoan vase. The vases could be used for holding drinking water, or holding goods.

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